ALC Beach Association

Auldwood - Lanark - Chesterfield

Shippan Point, Stamford, Connecticut

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Annual dues reminder: Dues are due on May 14. Please bring your dues check to the annual meeting or drop off beforehand to Diane Moriarty, ALC Treasurer, at 52 Chesterfield.

2016 Upcoming Events

Sat, May 14 - Annual Meeting and Beach Clean Up, 10:00 am
Sat, June 25 - Cocktail Party
Sun, July 3 - City of Stamford Fireworks (unconfirmed)
Mon, July 4 - ALC Independence Day Parade and Breakfast at the Beach
Sun, July 17 - ALC Picnic Day
Sat, Sept 10 - ALC Clambake
Sun, Sep 25 - ALC beach Decommissioning Day


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